Sun Runner

Sun Runner

Garfish class General-Purpose Modular Light Cruiser
Speed: 8
Maneuverability: Average (Turn 2)
Defense: 18+
Target Lock: 11+
HP: 210
DT: 5
CT: 35
Shields 400 (regen 1/min)


650m (500m class)
111kLY witchspace jump range
Mk 3 COS/MOS Cogitator (1 node, +3 bonus)


Neutron Projector (Turret Forward) 3d6x10
(Class 5, long range, direct fire, neutron projector)

REACTION Plasma Accelerator (Forward) 7d12
(Class 4, medium range, direct fire, burst fire)

5x Multirole Torpedo Launcher (Forward) 5d10
(Class 4, long range, tracking, limited fire 6, drone, AmmoType)

2x Burst Laser Point Array (Port, Starboard) 4d6
(Class 1, short range, direct fire, point, burst fire, array)


Luxurious Quarters
Botanical Park
Guest Quarters
Medical Bay
Tech Workshop
Modular Mission Adapter
Cargo Module
Cargo Module
Cargo Module
Cargo Module
Cargo Hold


The Zoralev power plant is now fully operational.  During normal flight operations, Sun Runner is not bound by power or heat constraints.  Its jump range remains above 100LY in safer regions of space.  It can create a non-conformal jump bubble with a radius of about 50km – this is intended to encompass whatever project it carries, but any ship with a functioning jump synchronizer, or any inert object of normal matter may be so carried.


Sun Runner

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