List of Skills

Academia – (Int) Research using a library or network reference resource.  Compare Gather Information.

Acrobatics – (Dex) Any sort of Dexterity-based movement, such as tumbling or wire walking.  Usually a Move action.

Animal Handling – (Cha) Taming, training, husbandry of various animals.  Trained only.

Appraise – (Int) Appraising the value of various objects.

Arts (choose) – (Wis) Creating artwork of various sorts.  Compare Perform: Arts would compose a song, Perform would perform it.  Trained only.

Athletics – (Str) Any sort of Strength-based action such as climbing, leaping, swimming.

Bluff – (Cha) To blathe. (-2 with aliens, etc)

Command – (Cha) Coordination of teammates under stress. 

Concentration – (Con) Mental focus under stress.

Craft (choose) – (Int) Creation of weapons, armor, buildings, or any such created item.

Cryptography – (Int) Securing communications and creating private cyphers, or breaking them.  Trained only.

Demolitions – (Int) When you absolutely posititively have to blow something up.

Diplomacy – (Cha) Etiquette and presentation appropriate to the situation.  (-2 with aliens, etc)

Disable Device – (Int) Sabotage of various traps, devices, sensors.  Disruptive or destructive.  (Compare Open Lock)  Trained only.

Disguise – (Cha) Going incognito.

Drive (choose) – (Dex) Driving any sort of vehicle which doesn't require special training or license.  (Compare Pilot)

Engineering – Repair and build technological items.

Escape Artist – (Dex) Getting out of a tight situation.

Forgery – (Int) Papers, please.

Gather Information – (Cha) Finding information in a social setting.  Compare Academia. (-2 with aliens, etc)

Gamble – (Wis) Skill at games of chance and wagering.

Gunnery – (Dex) Use of heavy weapons (larger than those held to fire) or mounted on a vehicle or emplacement.  Trained only.

Heal – (Wis) First aid, nursing.  Gain the Physick feat to become a physician or full medic.

Intimidate – (Cha) Getting your way before Initiative is rolled.

Knowledge (choose) – (Int) Knowin' stuff.

Language (choose) – (Int) Sayin' stuff.  Trained only.

Occultcraft – (Int) Dealing with the occult in its various forms and guises.  Trained only.

Open Lock – (Int) Opening various locking devices or bypassing certain sensors.  (Compare Disable Device)  Trained only.

Operation (choose) – (Int) Operation of the equipment, consoles, and devices of various technical items.  For example, Operation (Starship) , Operation (Space Station), etc.  Trained only.  Often Guild-restricted.  Compare Pilot.

Perception – (Wis) Noticing things with a quick glance.  Compare Search.

Perform (choose) – (Cha) Various performing arts for the delight of an audience.  Compare Arts.

Pilot (choose) – (Dex) Piloting any sort of vehicle which requires special training.  (Compare Drive)  Qualifies for a license.  Often Guild-restricted.  Trained only.  Compare Operation.

Repair – (Int) Repairing various technological items.  Trained only.

Ride (choose) – (Dex) Riding any sort of beast mount.

Search (Int) – Careful, methodical investigation of an area.  Compare Perception.

Sense Motive – (Wis) Determining what the other guy is up to.

Sleight of Hand – (Dex) Picking pockets, stage magic, concealing items on your person.

Stealth – (Dex) Stealth has two parts.  Hiding is an Attack action to find visual concealment.  Move Silently (sneak) is a Move action to prowl unnoticed.

Survival – (Wis) Getting along comfortably away from civilization.

Use Artifact – (Wis) Using mysterious artifacts from bygone ages or strange alien civilizations.

Use Think Machine – (Int) Deep knowledge of computers, thinking machines, and the like.  Casual computer use is covered by other skills.  Trained only.


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