Umbra Luna D20 Ruleset


Base Rules

We're using the base rules from D20 System Reference Document (SRD) with a few modifications and inclusions.


Variant Rules

Armor as Damage Reduction

Vitality and Wounds  (This is a synonym for Hit Points and Stamina, from Starfinder)



Similar to "Action Points" in the D20SRD. 

Wyrd is the flow of edge, luck, kismet, psychic power, or supernatural insight possessed by a character.  All PC's have Wyrd; only some NPCs do. 

Wyrd may be spent as a free action to:

  • Boost dice rolls with action dice (see table below).  This can be for any D20 roll or damage roll.  You may roll naturally first, then decide whether to spend Wyrd, but you must decide before opposed rolls are compared.  When at high enough character level to have more than 1D6, roll the indicated dice and take the highest.
  • Boost Defense by +2 for a number of rounds equal to those rolled on the action dice table below.
  • Regain all Vitality (aka Stamina) with a 15 minute rest.
  • Activate a Threat – turn a threat into a Critical.
  • Escape death – stabilize wounds automatically.
  • Heroic Feat – Use one Feat that you do not have, but otherwise qualify for (all prerequisites), one time.
  • Reuse Feat – Reset the reuse time on one Feat, used immediately.
  • Surge – gain one extra Action.  This may enable you to sprint and attack, or move and Full Attack.
  • Extend FX powers – some supernatural Feats let you spend Wyrd to enhance FX powers (Psi, Theurgy, etc)
  • Use FX powers – Some FX powers require a Wyrd point to operate.
  • Heroic FX – Spend one Wyrd to use a FX power that you do not have but otherwise qualify for.
  • Add a minor narrative plot point.  (we will work on a cost table for this)
Character Level Action Dice
1 – 7 1D6
8-14 2D6 (choose highest)
15+ 3D6 (choose highest)

Wyrd may also be permanently burned.  Burn Wyrd permanently to:

  • Add a major narrative plot point (we will work on a cost table for this)
  • Miraculously avoid death

Some Artifacts may require Wyrd to be committed into them to function.  We will discover these as we go.

Maximum Wyrd pool is 5 + ( 1/2 character level – round up) for most PCs.

Characters with the Wyrd feat gain Wyrd equal to the Attribute bonus of their first Path or Canon.  They do not otherwise gain Wyrd beyond the 1/2 point per level, nor gain Wyrd again if they take another Class with the Wyrd feat.

Wyrd starts full at the beginning of an adventure.  It regenerates after 8 hours complete rest or 24 hours restful activity.

An excellent description of an action may gain 1 Wyrd point, which may go above the max.  (Think 3-dot stunt) 

Tentatively, accomplishing big story objectives may add permanent Wyrd.  Experiencing miracles also may.  Some Artifacts may store Wyrd, as well.


Until we have the costs nailed down, here's a rough idea what a narrative point Wyrd cost might be like.  (super extremely tentative)

  • Spend 1 – Hint about the ongoing story.  Like the "common sense" type of Feat.
  • Spend 1 – Find an ally in an unexpected place.
  • Spend 2 – Stunt in a rescue party of NPCs – cavalry rides to the rescue.
  • Burn 1 – Find a unique vehicle or piece of gear.
  • Burn 5 – Find a functioning, well-appointed starship.
  • Burn 10 – Find a hypertech heroic starship.  (probably deprecated as we found Sunrunner narratively)




Classes are basically pulled from Fading Suns.

Classes imported from D20 Modern do not gain the Defense bonus – that is handled by the +1 per 3 levels.  (we can replace that with something else – I propose bonus skill points)


The Umbra Luna Skill List is also on the current character spreadsheet. 

Classes listed as having 2 or 4 skill points (SP) per level are bumped up to 5 SP per level.

Classes listed as having 6 SP per level are bumped up to 7 SP per level.

Classes listed as having 8 SP per level are bumped up to 9 SP per level. 

These bumps are to account for the SP needed for our extra-large skills list and also to get everybody involved in the starship encounters.  (Starship scenes are heavily skills based)

Everybody gets one SP per level for non-adventuring skills.  These are recreational, interests, hobbies… things to make the character interesting and unique. 

Each Wyrd path is a Skill as well.  This covers all of the uses of that power, and is based on the same base Attribute as that path.


Ambidexterity goes away.  It's bred into the species of the Populux by now.  This is to account from the base -10 to -4 change for off-handed untrained attacks.  This Feat is refunded.

Multi-Weapon Fighting Feat reduces the basic Full Attack penalty from -4 to -3.   The Vorox version of this Feat is called Glangarza, and allows Vorox to do the same thing but with 2-handed weapons.

Drox adds one parallel Cleave (for which we are using the Starfinder rules) .

Throx allows a Full Attack following a Move action.



We are keeping the basic equipment from Fading Suns and D20SRD.  We're not using the Starfinder equipment lists (with the levels) except as inspiration.

There is room to add the special critical effects though.

We have encountered some double weapons:  Double lasers from Morgor (homage to The Black Hole), double-barrel shotguns, and the like.  Firing both barrels lets you roll one extra damage die and drop the lowest.


Vehicles and Starships

We will be using these rules from Starfinder unless we discover things horribly broken.


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