Character Creation

A character is built from the following:

Species and Ability Scores

Choose a species for your character.  This will modify your ability scores.

A species may have a CR.  Player characters begin at level 3, to allow for

<s>Choose Ability Scores based on 25 points to spend on the Ability Score chart, then modify these scores based on your species.</s>  (Update: Roll 2D6+6 6 times, assign them how you want, discard if too gimpy)


Choose classes up to level 3.  If your species has a CR, deduct from this level.  (Remember to improve your base Defense by 1, for being 3rd level)

Classes from Fading Suns (still figuring out psi stuff) or D20 Modern/Future.

Noble is only available at character creation.  Becoming a Noble later is a storytelling goal.


Select (or create) a starting occupation (D20M, p. 32).

Vitality and Wounds

We are using the D20 variant rule for Vitality and Wounds.  Start with max Vitality for your 3 levels.

We wil be gaining +1 Defense (replaces Armor Class) per 3 total levels.  (ie, starting level 3 characters gain +1 defense right away)


Choose one from D20 Modern or D20 Future.  Or create one.


Feats as per D20 + Fading Suns.  [introducing Occult and Social feats as well; working on this]

Choose 2 Feats at 1st Level.  Choose 1 additional Feat as well (Hero houserule Feat) for a total of 3.   Human characters gain one Feat at 1st level as well.

Gain 1 Feat at 3rd Level.  (Also 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th)

Gain 1 Social Feat.  These may be pooled if the group wishes, for example, to have Assets.

Optionally, gain 1 rank or membership type of Social Feat <u>IF</u> you bear an obvious Guild, Church, Military, Noble House (etc.) mark.  This is an obvious tattoo or brand, and difficult or socially awkward to hide.

Action Points

We are using the Action Points variant rule.  [still working out how I want these to refresh]  This might be replaced depending how we do supernatural/psi.


Add +1 skill point advancement to all character classes, to account for the extra-large list of skills and multiple areas where our scenes take place.  (note, this will add a total of +6 skill points – we had discussed +2 at the table on 05/29.)

Skill points = 4x(first class skill points + INT bonus)

+ second and third class levels as normal, with INT bonus.

Take two free Knowledge skill points at character creation, to account for the wide variety of Knowledges.

Take one free "personality" skill point per level as a hobby or non-adventuring interest.  These will be little things to round out your character, aside from the ruthless grind of adventure, combat, and social maneuvering.



We are using the Armor as Damage Reduction variant rule.  This will cover low-tech, high-tech, and worn power armors.  See the Armor page for details.


Character Creation

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