Aldebaran is a star system in the Aldebaran Confederation.

It is no longer the capital of the Confederation – that has moved to Grumman.

Nearby systems:

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Aldebaran itself is a Class M5 III orange-giant star.  It is unclear whether it is the same Aldebaran once visible from the skies of Old Earth.  It has a solar radius of about 44 times that of Sol. 

I – Rock Planet.  0.7G.  Heavy volcanism.  Rocky small moon (1A).

II – Rock Planet.  0.33G.  Heavy volcanism.

Gamma – Incomplete asteroid belt.   Rock, metal, technological salvage.

III – Rock Planet.  .1G.  Three tiny irregular moons (3A – 3C)

Hodu – Rock, iron, silicate.  0.88G.  Thin, corrosove atmosphere.  Scattered small colonies.

V – Metal Planet.  2.72G.  Eccentric orbit.

VI – Irregular rocky planet.  0.16G.

VII – Irregular rocky planet.  0.09G.

VIII – Small silicate planet.  0.29G.

IX – Irregular rocky planet.  0.16G.

Badwell – Hot Jovian.  3.11G (surface).  34 moons, thin rings.  Strong magnetosphere.  Infrared luminous.  Several large stations and mining operations.

XI – Tiny metal planet.  0.4G.  Ghost world of technological ruins and radioactive blast craters.

Aldebaran Proper – 0.97G.  Terrestrial (Terraformed).  45% water coverage.  Post-warfare damaged ecology.  Several urban centers and reclaimed agricultural regions.  Occasional volcanism.  Several orbital stations.  One moon (Shephard) with outposts, mining operations, space traffic control system.

XIII – Gas Giant.  1.1G (surface).  9 various moons.  Several stations, mining operations, technological orbital and moon-surface ruins.

XIV – Gas Giant.  1.4G (surface).  19 moons (12 irregular).  Several stations, mining operations, technological orbital and moon-surface ruins.  Longstanding (and well guarded) orbital starship memorial garden.

XV – Ice Planet.  0.58G.  Eccentric, distant orbit. 

Aldebaran B – distant companion star, brown dwarf.  Ring of rocky asteroids.  Possibly dim tiny worlds.


The capitol of Aldebaran Proper and the Aldebaran System is New Miami, on Aldebaran Proper.  The city is centered in rocky lowlands, near the ocean on one side, flanked by mountain ranges on two sides, and rising toward the uplands plateaus on the other side.  New Miami boasts the best starports in the system, and the only approved heavy industrial facilities – both well guarded by the Guilds.

The lowlands surrounding the city are dotted with industrial greenhouses, shelters, water treatment and reclamation plants, all interspersed with toxic lowland swamps, barren hills, and the ever-present ruins and wrecks.

House Loren holds New Miami, New Miami County, and the Flatlands County in fief from the Senate, with the blessing of the Synod.   As such, House Loren is the dominant noble house on Aldebaran Proper.

The uplands starting with the plateaus above Flatlands County are incorporated into Lostland County.  With better drainage than the lowlands regions, the fields of Lostland have become much less toxic than Flatlands and New Miami.  They no longer require constant detoxification, though that balance is still quite fragile.  They do require careful conservation of water, though the constant cloudification from the oceanic terraforming pylons helps immensely. 

House Arienwel holds the fiefdom of Lostland County, and rules from Carthusal.  Carthusal is an ancient city – as old as New Miami – straddling the Carthusal River.  Carthusal River is the centerpiece of the entire Lostland Watershed. 

The Lostland Watershed itself spans the entire plateau, bookended by mountains on two sides, a drop to Flatlands County, and a steeper drop to the polar ocean.  The watershed is checkerboarded with water-holding fields of kudzu and saguaro, which are also harvested for flour and hydrocarbons, respectively.

The areas near the Carthusal River are carefully protected, divided into well guarded forest preserves, wet grasslands, walled gardens, and family estates.  Some prestigious institutions own properties along the river, such as the Priory of Saint Medikion.

Orbiting Aldebaran Proper are several stations.   Orbital 121, for instance, is allied with House Arienwel, in a beneficial relationship most especially for Arienwel's starship salvage and refurbishing business.


<u>Burkland City</u> is a Coriolis-class station, in an orbit about 200Ls beyond that of Aldebaran Proper.  It is a freeport in every sense – dangerous and open to most who would visit. 

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Burkland City is governed, and majority-owned, by the Barnes family.  Members of the family control all of the major facilities.  The Barnes family is allowed to continue, so long as they pretend no claim of nobility, and their station remains useful to the nobility, guilds, and church.  Doreen Barnes, commanding.

The <u>Gravity Well</u> is a large, but cramped, tavern and meeting spot in Burkland City.  It is built inside the shell of a huge atmosphere processing tower that is long out of service.  3 stories rise above, 4 descend below the interior surface of the station.  The building retains a water column, converted into a light show centerpiece.  Access to the lowest two levels is restricted to those in-the-know.  Buy a salted ice (similar to a frozen, shaved sports drink with alcohol) to gain access.  Tess Barnes, proprietor.

The <u>Puffing Devil</u> is a weaponsmith shop.  It specializes in personal weapons, and offers a selection to attract the practical spacer and adventurer.  Accents and decorations center on high-quality laser engraving and multiple-layered chemical etchings.  The shop occasionally has other items, and sometimes acts as a consignment for larger items.  Anson Barnes, proprietor and master gunsmith.

The <u>Burkland City Shipyard</u> is the standard facility for starship repair and refit.  It sometimes has unusual items, but primarily caters to the practical spacer with budget-concious refits.  Jensen Barnes, controller.

Burkland City has a small <u>Mission</u> of Orthodox.  It is housed in the second floor of a weekly-stay apartment building.  The building has offices first floor. Second floor is a mezzanine with the Mission and a few eateries and guild representatives.  The building does decent business as a layover for spacers whose ships are in the shipyard for work, or who are between crew gigs. 

The Mission itself caters to those with such downtime.  It has a modest sanctuary and confessional, and a small office.  The missionaries on duty have an apartment in the building.  Initiate Cassius de Bravil, itenerant.

The <u>Guilds</u> are well represented in Burkland City as well.  We had an encounter with the Reeves.


Others we've met in Aldebaran…

<u>Cheltey Nebraska</u>, photographer, investigator, fixer.  He attended the burning of Maliq Andell (or was it?) and was an agent working for Sharisse.  Sharisse had used Psyche powers to bend him to her will and suicide before revealing anything.

Cheltey owned a Krait, a small and obsolete craft stolen from the orbital memorial garden of Aldebaran XIV

Roger Kutsayev, Kelly Jerusalem, a partner duo piloting Asp Scout OR-3389 , who took a hit contract to intercept and destroy the team.  They took the contract from Cheltey, who was under the influence of Sharisse and very likely paid with low-temperature diamonds from Quince.




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