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    Base Rules


    Variant Rules

    Armor as Damage Reduction


    List of Skills

    Academia - (Int) Research using a library or network reference resource.  Compare Gather Information.

    Acrobatics - (Dex) Any sort of Dexterity-based movement, such as tumbling or wire walking.  Usually a …

  • Sourcebooks

    Sourcebooks to pull from

    Fading Suns (setting and D20)

    D20 Modern

    D20 Future (for Modern)

  • Ability Scores

    Ability Scores

    Score Points Score Points


  • Armor


    (this is a draft but it seems solid)

    Defense replaces AC - works the same way.  Armor gains a Damage Reduction.

    To convert armor from other lists, move the AC bonus to DR directly, then...

    Light Armor …

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